Ford Co-Pilot360: Cutting Edge Driver Safety Tech

Ford Co-Pilot360 is Ford's new suite of driver-assist technologies. The technologies emphasize safety, lending support to drivers in a wide array of on-road scenarios. We here at Jorgensen Ford Inc. in Richfield, UT can't stop talking about the suite, which is the most dynamic and advanced of its kind. We're really excited about the following two technologies.

Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)

BLIS uses radar to detect vehicles that stray into your blind spot. The system issues an alert light in your side-view mirror, helping you merge and change lanes in a timely, safe manner. BLIS also includes a cross-traffic alert that tells you when traffic crosses behind you as you're backing up.

Rear-View Camera

The rear-view camera gives you a view of what is behind your vehicle when you're in reverse. The camera's feed goes directly to a high-def in-dash screen, revealing the space at or below your rear window or trunk. Rear view camera also comes in handy for spotting pedestrians who walk behind your vehicle as you're backing out of a parking spot at the mall.

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