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Get Your Ford Ready for Winter in Richfield UT, with These Helpful Tips

With winter right around the corner you need to get your car ready for the colder temperatures and dicey road conditions. If you are in the market for a new model our inventory has what you need to take on the winter with confidence. From AWD models to capable trucks, we'll find you just what you are looking for. As soon as the temperatures start to drop, your car will be working harder to conquer the roads. Winter conditions can be hazardous due to the factors like ice and snow on the road. While you may love to go to the mountains no matter the conditions, your car needs to be just as ready as you. Here are a few ways you can ensure your car is as ready and as safe as possible when the first dusting of snow arrives.

Tips to Winterize Your Car

Have Your Car Serviced for Winter Conditions

Before you take on harsh conditions take your car to our shop to have it prepared for the challenges winter can pose.

  • Battery: Batter power lessens when the temperatures drop, meaning it takes more power to start your car in the winter. If your battery is having problems, you risk breaking down putting you in danger, especially in colder temperatures.
  • Cooling System: It is recommended to keep a ratio between 50/50 and 70/30 of antifreeze to water. You can ask our experienced team what antifreeze should be used for your specific model and the appropriate coolant-to-water ratio to prevent against corrosion and potential freezing.
  • Brakes: In the winter the cold weather doesn't hit your brakes like it does the battery, but it is important to have ample braking power so when you have to slow down, you can do so safely to ensure you don't skid into an object or another car.
  • Belts, hoses, spark plugs, wires, and cables: While you want all of these to be working properly throughout the year, it is even more important that when the temperatures drop in Fillmore, your car is running at maximum efficiency.

Switch To Winter Tires

While it is possible to use all-season tires in winter conditions, you won't be getting the most efficient performance that you need for winters in Beaver. We recommend that before the snow starts to fall, you install winter tires. When temperatures are constantly dropping below zero, the rubber compounds in non-winter tires harden, which decreases the tire's ability to grip the road. Winters tires use specific compounds engineered to resist hardening in cold weather, which gives you more traction in ice, snow, slick and even on dry pavement.

Maintain Tire Pressure

You'll notice that as soon as the temperatures drop, so will the air levels in your tires. Every 10-degree change in ambient temperature could mean you gain or lose 1 PSI. This means you should be checking your tire pressure more regularly. You can easily put air in your tires at any local gas station or at your local Ford dealership. You can find the correct tire pressure for your tires in the car's manual, or you can look it up online.

Winter Wipers

With heavier precipitation being dumped on your windshield more often, you want wipers that are equipped to keep a clear view ahead of you. Winter wipers come equipped with rubber that keeps ice from collecting on the blades. Winter wipers are heavier than regular ones and keeping them on all the time increases the load on the wiper motor so be sure to remove them when springtime rolls around.

If you need any assistance with winterizing your car, you can visit our dealership right around the corner from Beaver and Monroe UT. We love winter just as much as you and want to ensure you are safe.

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